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What the National Book Awards Missed

Nov 16, 2012

Feature by Lorraine Berry

Big awards raise big questions: What does 'literary' mean, anyway?

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Hitchcock Got “Rebecca” Dead Wrong

Nov 14, 2012

Theme Essay by Elizabeth Langosy

Poor Manderley. You are now possessed by Rebecca—or at least by her enormous head.

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Why Did a Manipulative Movie Make Me Cry?

Nov 05, 2012

Theme Essay by Lorraine Berry

The writer in me wants Boo’s nuanced journalism to trounce Boyle’s Hollywood portrayal of the Mumbai slums.

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Jan Steckel's Skeletons

Oct 24, 2012

Capsule Review by Lucille Lang Day

A retired pediatrician, Steckel is unflinchingly accurate, whether describing an erotic scene or vascular surgery.

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Why We Read Memoirs by Musicians

Sep 10, 2012

Book Review by Fred Setterberg

On page one, older brother Ira drunkenly insults his mama.

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Harbach and the Hard Sell

Jan 09, 2012

Feature by David Biddle

It must be bizarre to be Chad Harbach right now, contemplating the similarities between his own story and that of his main character.

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Gertrude Stein vs. William Carlos Williams

Dec 15, 2011

Essay by Carol Dorf

Like children shuttling between the homes of divorced parents, American poets feel obliged to negotiate poetic lineages.

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The Kitchen Conjuror

Nov 28, 2011

Book Review by Lorraine Berry

Anger is the sensation of 'peppercorns in a mortar and pestle, grinding around in a circle until they finally yield and crack.'

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Adoption, Light and Dark

Nov 07, 2011

Book Review by David Biddle

Greene's memoir is alluring, almost like a reality TV show where you care about the characters.

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Don’t Take Away My David Bowie

Oct 03, 2011

Book Review by Martha Nichols

He wore a blue jumpsuit with flames over his crotch. He swirled a yellow cape on one arm, amid dancers dressed in spider-webbed leotards.

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