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Jane Hicks: “I’m a Teacher at Heart”

Feb 15, 2016

TW Interview by Denton Loving

I want to inform students that history didn’t happen in a vacuum and is not confined to events in history books.

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The Usefulness of Poetry

Feb 01, 2016

Essay by Gloria Heffernan

Where does the unpublished writer find the validation to go on writing?

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In Search of Small Stones

Dec 24, 2014

Theme Essay by Carla M. Wilson

Happy holidays from Talking Writing! As a gift to yourself, try the writerly 'New Year's Challenge' offered with this piece.

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Chana Bloch: “The Poem Begins to Shape You”

Dec 17, 2014

TW Interview by Carol Dorf

Whatever kind of poetry you write, it’s hard not to get discouraged.

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Poetry as Prayer

Jan 27, 2014

Theme Essay by Ellen McGrath Smith

I write poetry because it’s what I do, just as frogs croak and mathematicians ponder numbers.

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I Saw Jesus—Now, How Do I Write About It?

Dec 09, 2013

Theme Essay by Jennifer Jean

Schmaltz seems to attach itself to such writing like a leech.

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A Poet Looks for God

Dec 02, 2013

Theme Essay by Cherise Wyneken

My religious faith was a mess. My search through the Gospels fired up doubts about the dogma of my church.

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How Haiku Changed My Writing Life

Dec 17, 2012

Essay by Theresa Williams

Haiku isn’t about intellectual understanding but about a very deep realization of that which ordinarily goes unnoticed.

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Poets and Painters

Dec 12, 2012

Image Essay by Donald Langosy

The poet and painter comprehend the same moment from different viewpoints.

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Emily Dickinson, Zombie

Dec 10, 2012

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

Those who believe the fey little spinster never took off her ghostly white dress may require smelling salts.

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