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Eight Novels to Prepare You for the End of Civilization

Mar 20, 2017

Feature by Tim Weed

If you’re stocking the shelves of your survival shelter, don’t forget to throw in a few gripping novels.

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Rachel Carson Was Not Alone

Apr 20, 2015

Book Review by Shealeen A. Meaney

An array of women’s voices challenge what counts as environmental literature.

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Free Speech: Who Gets to Decide?

Jan 28, 2015

TW Opinion by J.p. Lawrence

I’ve been tempted to think the typical upper middle-class white student seems overly fearful of healthy intellectual debate.

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Happy Twentieth Birthday, "Bird by Bird"

Sep 22, 2014

Tribute Essay by Kathy Curto

My paperback copy, first purchased in 2004, is tattered and coffee-stained with faded Post-it Notes.

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Why Going Crazy Isn't Just a Good Story

Jun 11, 2014

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

Having a famous parent is a leg up to nowhere. It made sense to people that Kurt Vonnegut’s son would have mental health problems.

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"MaddAddam" and the Trouble with Sequels

Dec 16, 2013

Book Review by Karen J. Ohlson

I imagined Atwood as a magician who had allowed herself to be handcuffed and locked in a box, just to show how easily she could break free.

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What Makes a Good Writing Guide?

Nov 06, 2013

Book Review by Emily Toth

Some people believe there’s a secret formula to writing a bestseller—or that anyone can do it.

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Why I Didn't Toss Out Fifty Shades of Grey

Feb 25, 2013

Commentary by Karen J. Ohlson

All the publishers jumping on the women’s erotica bandwagon because of this series have missed the point.

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What’s a Creative Writing Program Good For?

Jan 14, 2013

Book Review by Fred Setterberg

More than a few graduates do recollect the Workshop’s warts: episodes of cutthroat competition, the classroom’s sexual jungle.

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Emily Dickinson, Zombie

Dec 10, 2012

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

Those who believe the fey little spinster never took off her ghostly white dress may require smelling salts.

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