Dear Taylor Swift (and Other White Feminists)

Sep 12, 2016

Open Letter by Lorraine Berry

I don’t believe we get to pick and choose whose struggle for civil rights we align ourselves with.

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Dear Prince

Sep 12, 2016

Open Letter by Shawn Kerivan

How could you be so creative, so powerful, so prolific? Do you know what you did to me?

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The Things You Can’t Teach

Feb 08, 2016

TW Column by Steven Lewis

There is just something wrong with adults teaching kids how to be rockers.

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Elvis and Amazing Grace

Nov 20, 2014

Image Essay by Theresa Williams

Elvis Presley seemed like a wandering soul in search of a purpose that remained just out of reach.

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What If You’re Not Shakespeare or Jay Z?

Nov 10, 2014

TW Theme Feature by John Vogel

I’ve often wondered what keeps other musicians and writers going, especially those who aren’t out to make a hit record.

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Channeling Capote's "In Cold Blood"

Dec 03, 2012

Theme Essay by Mali Sastri

There I see, not only reflected but clarified and articulated in ways I hadn’t imagined possible, the inside of myself.

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The Collaged Brain

Nov 07, 2012

Image Essay by Camille Martin

What narrative or allegory arises in this collage when a snake flies through the air carrying a staircase?

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Why We Read Memoirs by Musicians

Sep 10, 2012

Book Review by Fred Setterberg

On page one, older brother Ira drunkenly insults his mama.

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Why I Don’t Sing

Oct 27, 2011

Essay by Danielle Martínez

Spanish and music became ingrained in me, but English was my mother tongue.

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Don’t Take Away My David Bowie

Oct 03, 2011

Book Review by Martha Nichols

He wore a blue jumpsuit with flames over his crotch. He swirled a yellow cape on one arm, amid dancers dressed in spider-webbed leotards.

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