30-Year Drought

Dec 18, 2017

Story by Abigail Uhrick

My thirst for water brought me to him.

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Dear Prince

Sep 12, 2016

Open Letter by Shawn Kerivan

How could you be so creative, so powerful, so prolific? Do you know what you did to me?

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Sex and the Young Reader

Oct 26, 2015

Theme Essay by Karen J. Ohlson

Should parents ever censor what their kids read?

Media Debate, Sex, Children's Lit | Read More

Would I Write “The Godfather” for Money?

Sep 22, 2014

TW Column by Emily Toth

I have no ethical problem with writing a bestseller. Like most mid-listers, I’ve certainly tried.

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What Bad Families Can Do for Writers

May 26, 2014

TW Column by Emily Toth

You do need Mom and Dad to fuck you up—or you don’t have much of a story.

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Can a Buddhist Revise a Sexy Novel?

Dec 02, 2013

Theme Essay by Judith Walcutt

Now I can’t decide if the story is worth rewriting, rethinking, or tossing into the burn barrel.

Writing and Faith, About Fiction, Sex | Read More

King of the Lake

Jun 24, 2013

Theme Essay by Jeremiah Horrigan

I had to stay quiet. No one could know what was happening. I had to lie perfectly still or things would get even worse.

Memoir, Nature, Sex | Read More

Why I Didn't Toss Out Fifty Shades of Grey

Feb 25, 2013

Commentary by Karen J. Ohlson

All the publishers jumping on the women’s erotica bandwagon because of this series have missed the point.

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Lust: The Literary Courtesan

Sep 17, 2012

Theme Essay by Lorraine Berry

Having sensed that Adam felt shy and awkward with women, I made Pam his teacher.

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Susie Bright: “There Is No Art Without Sex”

Mar 22, 2012

TW Interview by Lorraine Berry

I hope my obituary is written by someone who actually read my work.

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