Julie Wittes Schlack

How to Win—and Lose—a Literary Competition

Jun 08, 2015

Essay by Susan Terris

Writing is hard. Entering is hard, but being rejected for any prize should make you more determined to write with passion.

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How Not to Become a Writer

Jun 08, 2015

Essay by Lâle Davidson

Write your stories very slowly, word by word, trying to please everyone but yourself.

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Douglas Cole on Writing

May 11, 2015

Interview by Kelcey Parker

Dive into the dream and the unconscious ocean. Steal without guilt.

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Diane Cook: “Life Is Very Precarious”

May 04, 2015

TW Interview by Mara Araujo

I like when the world is strange enough that you really have to pay attention.

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Bill McKibben: “We Don't Require Great Leaders”

Apr 20, 2015

TW Interview by David Biddle

The currency of movements—passion, spirit, creativity, the willingness to spend our bodies—is the only alternative.

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