Julie Wittes Schlack

So, Is Writing Therapy?

Sep 22, 2014

Essay by Elizabeth Marcus

Writing succeeded where the best professional help had failed.

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Happy Twentieth Birthday, "Bird by Bird"

Sep 22, 2014

Tribute Essay by Kathy Curto

My paperback copy, first purchased in 2004, is tattered and coffee-stained with faded Post-it Notes.

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Mark Vonnegut: “Too Easy, Dad”

Jun 16, 2014

TW Interview by Martha Nichols

I think he stumbled on telling the truth to save his own life—and it worked.

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Andrew Lam on Writing

May 28, 2014

Interview by Kelcey Parker

As certain as the rain, disappointments will come, and you will have to live with them and embrace them.

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Ron MacLean on Writing

Apr 14, 2014

Interview by Kelcey Parker

They pushed me over the ledge into a free fall where I found my voice.

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