The Malevolent Guild of Pastry Chefs

Nov 22, 2017

Comic by John Peacock

Okay, class! Today we will make a cream bun.

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Murder on the Ghost Train

Nov 22, 2017

Comic by John Peacock

Hello, welcome to the dining car!

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Harry the Polychrome Frog

May 24, 2017

Comic by John Peacock

Is this all there is to life? Will I never feel anything grander?

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Gene Yang: “I Hated Assigned Reading”

Sep 28, 2015

TW Interview by William Gray

At the heart of all young adult literature is this equation: belonging + power = identity.

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Elvis and Amazing Grace

Nov 20, 2014

Image Essay by Theresa Williams

Elvis Presley seemed like a wandering soul in search of a purpose that remained just out of reach.

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What Writers Say About Getting Paid

Sep 24, 2014

TW Cartoon Feature

Christopher Hitchens: 'It would be useful to keep a diary, but I don’t like writing unpaid. I don’t like writing checks without getting paid.'

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The Wanderers

May 30, 2014

Comics by Theresa Williams

Sit beside a fire. Drink a goblet of wine. Your soul is restless in your body.

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The Goat Child: Isti Mirant Stella

Mar 14, 2014

Comics by Theresa Williams

A comet did come, a King did fall, The Goat Child is born.

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Proust Returns to Paris

Jan 29, 2014

Comics by Donald Langosy

Ah, are but a wispy emblem in reality...

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The Goat Child's Dream

Jan 13, 2014

Comics by Theresa Williams

We have no memory of our birth. So when we're little we want to know all about it.

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