Elizabeth Bishop at Harvard

Jan 21, 2013

Theme Essay by Robert Boucheron

Her idea of the poet was old-fashioned—a custodian of language.

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Writing and the Joy of Obscurity

Jan 14, 2013

Editor's Note by Martha Nichols

While a love of gossip is part of the human condition, there’s another aspect to contemporary fame that’s raised the stakes for all of us.

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Fallen Idols

Jan 14, 2013

Theme Essay by Elizabeth Titus

Until early 2011, I’d never met either of my literary idols. But that all changed in a matter of months.

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Do Fans Love Authors or Their Books?

Jan 11, 2013

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

I'd rather a writer like Díaz grabs some of the action than, say, Justin Bieber.

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Celebrity Writers on the Loose

Jan 09, 2013

TW Column by Emily Toth

Which literary celebrity got naked and rode up and down the hotel elevator in a North Dakota winter?

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Channeling Capote's "In Cold Blood"

Dec 03, 2012

Theme Essay by Mali Sastri

There I see, not only reflected but clarified and articulated in ways I hadn’t imagined possible, the inside of myself.

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A Few Words About Nora Ephron

Jun 27, 2012

Memorial Essay by Martha Nichols

It's hard to believe she's no longer kvetching and skewering so many things that need skewering—always with a pretty wink."

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An Ode to Laura Ingalls Wilder

Apr 26, 2012

Essay by Abby Kurzman

Who named that cashier Glory Be, and why does she look so miserable?

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John Green’s “Tour de Nerdfighters”

Apr 02, 2012

Theme Essay by Karen Ohlson

Despite being adults, John and Hank Green recognize and salute all aspects of teenage nerdiness.

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A.S. Byatt’s Plums

Dec 05, 2011

Theme Essay by Elizabeth Langosy

Precision or immediacy? How do writers describe the 'real' world?

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