The Gift of Connecting with Animals

Mar 30, 2015

Theme Essay by Wendy Townsend

If not for my books and the iguana I rescued from a pet shop, I’m not sure how I would have survived.

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If Only They Had Listicles in Regency England

Jan 26, 2015

TW Column by Emily Toth

The first sentence of Pride and Prejudice works as a tweet, but not as flash.

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Rich Writers vs. the Critics—and Me

Oct 08, 2014

Theme Essay by Anna Coppola

Some people might criticize me for expecting a literary author to hold my hand and make it easy.

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A Feminist Invades the Halls of Phallocracy

Mar 24, 2014

"My Favorite Critic" by Emily Toth

Carolyn Heilbrun once observed that James Joyce was 'a world class shit.'

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George Orwell’s Radiant Idleness

Mar 10, 2014

"My Favorite Critic" by Fred Setterberg

As a perennial book reviewer, he assailed 'the disgusting tripe' penned by book blurbers.

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Zadie Smith Talks About Death—Thank God

Feb 21, 2014

"My Favorite Critic" by Lorraine Berry

Smith makes criticism approachable, without dumbing it down.

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The Perilous Influence of Hunter S. Thompson

Oct 04, 2013

TW Opinion by J.p. Lawrence

Yes, I love Thompson the writer—but, Christ, his followers!

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Enough With the Copy

Apr 15, 2013

Essay by Christine Grimaldi

Nora Ephron’s pearls of wisdom could not make the grain of sand at their core any less irritating.

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Not Looking Stupid While Talking to Neil Gaiman

Mar 11, 2013

Theme Essay by J.p. Lawrence

My reporter face is hard, but inside I am quaky. Neil Gaiman, after all, is a hero of mine.

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Giving Stephen King Another Chance

Feb 11, 2013

Theme Essay by Wendy Glaas

His work has entered my psyche thoroughly, like tentacles from his nightmarish creations.

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