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Everything that Rises

Sep 18, 2017

Report by Steven Volynets

Admitting you are a writer at Wheeler’s is like admitting to folding origami or shopping at the Whole Foods.

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Eight Novels to Prepare You for the End of Civilization

Mar 20, 2017

Feature by Tim Weed

If you’re stocking the shelves of your survival shelter, don’t forget to throw in a few gripping novels.

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Death and the Failings of Fiction

Nov 21, 2016

Theme Essay by Rebecca Steinitz

I called my children by each other’s names, missed appointments, left my keys in the running car.

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Doing Lines

Feb 29, 2016

Essay by William Horwath

Lines don’t come cheap or easy. It just sounds as if they do.

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My Yopp into the Void

Apr 27, 2015

Theme Essay by Devin Donovan

Horton can’t hear me. I’m on the dandelion he tramples while looking for his Whos.

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Movies with My Mother—and James Agee

Nov 24, 2014

Essay by Marc Schiffman

I could still hear the movie voices circling at the bottom of the staircase like lost and scared children in a forest.

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Gillian Flynn Helped Me Survive My First Election

Sep 29, 2014

Essay by Fran Cronin

I began listening to these books as naively as I’d begun my campaign: Press the start button and go.

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The Novel as Family Therapy

May 19, 2014

Theme Essay by Wendy Glaas

Compared to these families, maybe my own isn’t so badly off, after all.

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Love and Lit in the Time of Acne

Apr 07, 2014

Theme Essay by Laurie Weisz

Not all critics rival Harold Bloom’s elephantine pomposity, but I’d rather read a book myself first.

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How a Literary Critic Slapped Me Awake

Feb 14, 2014

"My Favorite Critic" by David Meischen

Leslie Fiedler took the blinders off me and said, 'Look, the myths we live by, our secret longings—the great books lay them bare.'

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