Yvonne M. Estrada: Two Poems


Some Will Be as Tiny as Insects 

Dragonflies slice and glide,
camouflaged among orange
ruffled heads, in a marigold forest

on the edge of a mowed, open field,
where a murder of raucous crows
devours them like all-you-can-eat shrimp.

Warn the drones:
those corvids like shiny objects.

“Bee” © nutmeg66

Sentient Bees 

Because Mother Nature wasn’t clever enough
Because God couldn’t foresee the future
Because tires are just reinventing the foot
Because Sunlight is so expensive 

Because gasoline smells good
Because pesticides kill pests
Because Mother Nature takes Forever
Because Godliness is next to Moneyness

Because God hates the Barter System
Because Mother Nature says seed ‘em and reap
Because the People don’t grow too far from the Trees
Because we can’t eat money

Because Gold sticks in our teeth
Because Honey, Honey, Honey


Art Information

  • "Bee" © nutmeg66; Creative Commons license. 

Yvonne M. EstradaYvonne M. Estrada is a poet and photographer. She recently published a chapbook, My Name on Top of Yours, that contains a crown of sonnets illustrated by original photographs.

Her poems have also appeared in Mischief, Caprice and Other Poetic Strategies, Pulse Magazine, Verse Wisconsin, and GuerrillaReads #8.


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