Winter 2015: All Flash

"Day 233: Visually Stimulating Words" © Ansy Wong; used by permission

On the Shortness of Everything

Even flash essays need space for thoughts to ramble—and thoughts are the things that power a strong ‘I’ voice.

—“What's a Flash Essay?”

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.



Miki Fukuda: Two Poems by Miki Fukuda
Autumn Stephens: Prose Poems by Autumn Stephens
Louisa Howerow: Haiku by Louisa Howerow

Flash Nonfiction

The Gleaming Light by Jocelyn Heaney
Ten Things I Hate by John Silvio
Grout by Mary Collins
He Calls Her Blossom by Jeri Edwards
Dear iTunes by Rachel Furey
All the Things the Mohawk Stole by Tracy Roberson-Woolard

Trends and Reviews

Mr. Spock Was My First Crush by Martha Nichols
Dear Young Writers by Lorraine Berry and Martha Nichols

TW Reading Series

Notebook for a Novel by Stacy Carlson
Viola's Speech by James Tadd Adcox


Lost Wax by Leonard Kress


Katie Cortese on Writing by Kelcey Parker


Misdirection by Ruth Carmel


First Person

What's a Flash Essay? by Martha Nichols