Pilgrim, Mother

Jan 29, 2018

Essay by Elisabeth Hedrick-Moser

Every walk I took with my daughter, the world opened before me as if newly created.

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Giavanna Munafo: Poem

Apr 18, 2016

TW Poetry Spotlight

Here, in twos and threes, friends cross the piazza

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What I’ve Come So Far to Tell Them

Jan 25, 2016

Theme Essay by Robin McCarthy

I understood the blank stares and raw anguish when I asked those students about their homes.

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Three Visits to His Abuelita

Jun 09, 2014

Essay by Patricia Dubrava

She looked dismayed. Maybe she’d never seen such a reaction to one of her cures.

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The Art of Relocation

Jun 26, 2013

Essay by Trina Gaynon

Every time you move, you hear doors snapping shut in your brain.

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Green Among the Bones

Apr 11, 2013

Theme Essay by Marc Schiffman

The land seemed tortured, as if the vegetation had been slashed and burned.

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A Tale of Two Polands

Nov 26, 2012

Essay by Richard Zimler

On November 20, 2011, I became the first person in my family to walk Brzeziny’s slanting, potholed streets in nearly seventy years.

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Old Bones, New Flowers in the Judiths

Jun 25, 2012

Essay by Lorraine Berry

The sky was aster blue, and the burnt, bare trees looked like punji sticks shooting up from the crest of the ridge.

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Sweat and Kiasu in Singapore

Jun 13, 2012

Personal Essay by Martha Nichols

In Singapore, sweating has become a lifestyle option.

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Gobsmacked by My Camera

Jun 11, 2012

Theme Essay by Stephanie Holt

My photographs just occasionally turned around and bit me on the bum.

Photography, Travel, Words vs. Images | Read More


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