Spoilers in English Class

Oct 19, 2015

Theme Essay by Jason J. Griffith

There are no hard-and-fast rules about the ethics of spoilers, only the social consequences of being judged as uncouth.

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J. Robert Lennon: “Literary Fiction Is a Genre, Too”

May 01, 2013

TW Interview by Lorraine Berry

The nice thing about literary fiction is that it can be anything it wants.

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Teaching Writing When the Unimaginable Happens

Mar 18, 2013

Essay by Lorraine Berry

I assumed that Columbine had nothing new to teach me this time around, but my students showed me I was wrong.

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Elizabeth Bishop at Harvard

Jan 21, 2013

Theme Essay by Robert Boucheron

Her idea of the poet was old-fashioned—a custodian of language.

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What’s a Creative Writing Program Good For?

Jan 14, 2013

Book Review by Fred Setterberg

More than a few graduates do recollect the Workshop’s warts: episodes of cutthroat competition, the classroom’s sexual jungle.

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What Students Need: a BS Detector

Oct 19, 2012

TW Opinion by Lorraine Berry

Here’s what I see each semester when I look out at the crop of new faces: terror.

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Robert Olen Butler: "The Danger of Wanting to Be a Writer”

Feb 06, 2012

TW Interview by Lorraine Berry

When people get frustrated because they don’t know what the book is about, it’s because they’re trying to turn it into a college term paper.

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What Writing Program Critics Don’t Know

Oct 10, 2011

Theme Essay by Theresa Williams

They think people are either born to be writers or they’re not.

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The Ache of Writing

Sep 26, 2011

Theme Essay by Ann Lightcap Bruno

One of my students told me, 'So I closed my eyes and wrote on the dark insides of my eyelids.'

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The Search for a Snapper

Sep 19, 2011

TW Column by Emily Toth

The liveliest, best-paced writing ends each paragraph with a snapper.

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