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After the First Cremation

Nov 23, 2015

TW Column by Steven Lewis

This year, I added a new event: the Journal Burning Bonfire.

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Notebook for a Novel

Mar 09, 2015

Fragmentary Writing by Stacy Carlson

I face the same old hyena in my mind: you’re weak, empty, delusional, small in heart.

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Putting My Eggs in Different Baskets

Oct 01, 2013

Image Essay by Theresa Williams

I had all these eggs, of course, inside me, and wanted a safe basket...

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What We Risk Losing in the Facebook Age

Mar 26, 2012

Theme Essay by Theresa Williams

I come away fragmented, feeling like I’ve been sitting in the shallow end of a swimming pool, refreshed but not quite.

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My Search for Solitude in an Online World

Mar 12, 2012

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

Unlike the solitary experience of writing in my journal, I'm never truly alone on my blog.

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My Mother Said: “Write Everything”

Sep 16, 2011

Essay by Sharon Tosto Esker

'Wait!' she yelled, running past at least a dozen confused travelers in the security line.

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