My Father’s Blessing

Jan 29, 2018

Essay by Sarah Birnbach

What if he holds tight to his belief that gender is more important than having his own child pray for his soul?

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Death and Doing the Math

Jan 29, 2018

Essay by Judith Hannan

Thoughts about my death don’t hijack me anymore, although I can still capsize into the swamp of fear if I dwell too long on nonexistence.

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Something Like Sand

Jan 24, 2018

Essay by Mercedes Lucero

The loss and near-loss of three people in my life in a short span of time were too great to put into words.

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Three Boxes

Nov 29, 2017

Report by Joseph Walsh

The police had taken Mike’s laptop and phone, so I had to find what I could without them.

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Death and the Failings of Fiction

Nov 21, 2016

Theme Essay by Rebecca Steinitz

I called my children by each other’s names, missed appointments, left my keys in the running car.

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The Communion of Saints

Nov 14, 2016

Theme Essay by Jo Scott-Coe

I don’t delude myself that writing an essay can somehow undo an act of violence.

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Hopewell Bay

Mar 16, 2016

Hybrid Poetry by Cynthia Neely

A confession: I fell in love with grief.

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Clothes to Die In

Sep 16, 2015

Flash Nonfiction by Mel Andrews

I’m uncomfortable around ambulances or the overdressed crowds outside funeral parlors.

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May 25, 2015

Flash Nonfiction by Kathryn Gahl

It’s an odd suggestion, but I go, leaden and lost in the dust of the midway.

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My Mother’s Exit

May 07, 2014

Essay by Meryl Natchez

I didn’t see how I could say no. I knew if I were in her shoes, I’d feel the same.

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