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"Women and Power" in the NYT Book Review

Oct 15, 2014

TW Opinion by Lorraine Berry and Martha Nichols

At a time when female critics from Caitlin Moran to Mary Beard are being harassed all over the Internet, the lack of editorial attitude is troubling.

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Rich Writers vs. the Critics—and Me

Oct 08, 2014

Theme Essay by Anna Coppola

Some people might criticize me for expecting a literary author to hold my hand and make it easy.

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Happy Twentieth Birthday, "Bird by Bird"

Sep 22, 2014

Tribute Essay by Kathy Curto

My paperback copy, first purchased in 2004, is tattered and coffee-stained with faded Post-it Notes.

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The Trouble with Being an Entrepreneur

Sep 17, 2014

TW Column by Martha Nichols

While entrepreneurship works for high-tech startups, grafting it to what creative writers do is like sticking a brick on an apple tree.

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Why Going Crazy Isn't Just a Good Story

Jun 11, 2014

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

Having a famous parent is a leg up to nowhere. It made sense to people that Kurt Vonnegut’s son would have mental health problems.

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