Memories Matter More Than Bookstores

May 06, 2013

Essay by Jai Arjun Singh

The first bookstore in my life had two wheels and a nasal voice that called out 'Maga-zine! Maga-zine!'

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Playing God—With Books

Apr 22, 2013

Essay by Lisa Solod

Fresh off a divorce and my mother's diagnosis with Alzheimer's, I took a part-time job in my local bookstore.

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The Petrel

Apr 15, 2013

Theme Essay by Douglas Canter

This visit to Great Duck Island brings me back, reconnecting me to something I’ve lost.

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Green Among the Bones

Apr 11, 2013

Theme Essay by Marc Schiffman

The land seemed tortured, as if the vegetation had been slashed and burned.

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Glistening Scar

Feb 04, 2013

TW Prizewinning Creative Nonfiction by John Gredler

Here in this place of house upon house, on this asphalt path hemmed by parkway and train tracks, a beauty as enchanted as I have ever seen.

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Old Bones, New Flowers in the Judiths

Jun 25, 2012

Essay by Lorraine Berry

The sky was aster blue, and the burnt, bare trees looked like punji sticks shooting up from the crest of the ridge.

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Sweat and Kiasu in Singapore

Jun 13, 2012

Personal Essay by Martha Nichols

In Singapore, sweating has become a lifestyle option.

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To Cuba, With Love

May 30, 2012

Essay by Luke Maguire Armstrong

For over a decade, I have sought Cuba, and, finally, I’m about to land in Havana.

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Bangkok: A Writer's Quest for Quiet

May 23, 2012

Essay by Marc Schiffman

Like Lazarus, I woke to a fresh resolution, the importance of self-preservation.

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The Game Changer

May 18, 2012

Memoir by Fran Cronin

Snippets of splendor were sprinkled everywhere in Moscow.

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