Spring 2016: Wild Equations

"Last Man Standing" © Niels Langeveld; used by permission]

Spotlight on Math Poetry

My iron cannot cope
with non-Euclidean geometry.
Antique and irritable, it insists
on plane surfaces and the fifth postulate,
hissing, Lie down flat, goddamit.

—Alice Major

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.


First Person

Theme for this Issue

Daniel May: Poem by Daniel May
Athena Kildegaard: Two Poems by Athena Kildegaard
Alice Major: Two Poems by Alice Major
Carol Dorf: Two Poems by Carol Dorf
Eveline Pye: Three Poems by Eveline Pye
Larry Lesser: Poem by Larry Lesser
Katie Manning: Two Poems by Katie Manning
Stephanie Strickland: Poem by Stephanie Strickland
Giavanna Munafo: Poem by Giavanna Munafo
JoAnne Growney: Poem by JoAnne Growney
Robin Chapman: Poem by Robin Chapman
Sarah Glaz: Two Poems by Sarah Glaz
Marion Deutsche Cohen: Poem by Marion Deutsche Cohen
Marco Maisto: Two Poems by Marco Maisto