Spring 2015: Nature Tech

"Fishing" © Reuben Radding

Beyond the Lonely Clouds

Despite all the natural metaphors—clouds, cobwebs, viruses, hives—the digital realm can seem as devoid of wilderness as a meadow that’s been bulldozed.

—"Digital Media and the Wild Imagination"

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.


First Person

Theme for this Issue

My Yopp into the Void by Devin Donovan
Environmental Amnesia by Peter H. Kahn Jr.

Flash Nonfiction

Scattered Bones by Jeri Edwards
Closed System by Autumn Stephens
Some Brighter Other by Marie Chambers
A Single Tree by Don Lyman
Fair by Kathryn Gahl

Why I Write

Finding My Orange by J.p. Lawrence


How Not to Become a Writer by Lâle Davidson


Carol Dorf: Two Poems by Carol Dorf
Virtual Nature: The Patterns in Us All by Carol Dorf and Martha Nichols
Nicole Callihan: Prose Poem by Nicole Callihan
Ellen McGrath Smith: Two Poems by Ellen McGrath Smith
Randall Horton: Poem by Randall Horton
Yvonne M. Estrada: Two Poems by Yvonne M. Estrada
JP Howard: Two Poems by JP Howard
Meryl Natchez: Poem by Meryl Natchez


Hives by Douglas Cole

TW Reading Series

Rewiring Our Interior Lives by Douglas Coupland
The Land I’ll Never Own by Peter H. Kahn Jr.
Rachel Carson Was Not Alone by Shealeen A. Meaney


Douglas Cole on Writing by Kelcey Parker


The Beautiful Answer by Steven Lewis
Controversial Beauty by Judith A. Ross