Sinead O'Connor at Festival de Cornouaille, 2014 © Thesupermat; Creative Commons license

Athena Kildegaard: Two Poems

Jun 06, 2016

TW Poetry Spotlight

I've made most of this up, the apples, the stupidity, the bourbon bought in St. Paul.

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Daniel May: Poem

May 30, 2016

TW Poetry Spotlight

later, i'll wonder if looking into the sun makes me crazy, or gives me secret terrible knowledge.

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Marion Deutsche Cohen: Poem

May 23, 2016

TW Poetry Spotlight

Bruce is reading Wuthering Heights, I’m curling up with Numerical Semigroups.

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Marco Maisto: Two Poems

May 16, 2016

TW Poetry Spotlight

I design colors for things that don’t have any.

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Sarah Glaz: Two Poems

May 09, 2016

TW Poetry Spotlight

The integers are not a happy medium

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