Detail from "The Malevolent Guild of Pastry Chefs" © John Peacock; used by permission

Word Fracking

Oct 17, 2012

Essay by Joseph McGonegal

With every kiss, the 15-, 21-, 28-year-old self was probably furious with me—each in his own way—for selling out.

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Seven Deadly Sins

Oct 12, 2012

Image Essay by Isabelle Cardinal

What is imagination, really? Maybe it’s just the little brother of Miss Creativity?

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Regarding the Golden Monster

Sep 12, 2012

Essay by Wm. Anthony Connolly

In many ways, remembering is a leap of faith, just as writing is.

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Writers and Devils

Sep 10, 2012

Image Feature: Writers and Devils

I promised the Devil my soul, and in return he promised me that everything I was going to experience hereafter would be turned into tales.

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My People

Jun 20, 2012

Image Essay by Hadley Langosy

How to capture the world after being raised on Fellini films?

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