"Then I See What's Really Always There" © Grady Kane; used by permission

The Art of Relocation

Jun 26, 2013

Essay by Trina Gaynon

Every time you move, you hear doors snapping shut in your brain.

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Fragile Beauty

Jun 10, 2013

Image Essay by Cynthia Staples

I was reminded of the beauty found in fragile things.

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May 29, 2013

Essay by Athena Kildegaard

How delightful to crawl into that space, to hide in the dim light, the green and stubborn smell of bark and leaves all around...

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36 Views at the Seawall

May 22, 2013

Image Essay by Susan Denniston

Watching the destruction and repair of seawalls has compelled us to reconsider our response to a rising tide and damaging storms.

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Me, Writing

May 08, 2013

Essay by Patricia Dubrava

Focus, damn it...although if no one notices, why continue writing?

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