Fall 2017: Truth-telling

"Writing in the Forest" © Jennifer Powers; used by permission]

Observing the World—Inside and Out

‘Guess it's safe now,’ she said, after she caught me looking and shed the fleece. Underneath, she wore a T-shirt with a print of a pair of handcuffs and the line Lady Cops Like to Have Fun Too.

—"Everything that Rises"

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.


First-Person Reports

Everything that Rises by Steven Volynets
The Dark Is What Makes Us by Meghan Moore-Hubbard
The Ruins of Gary, Indiana by Joseph S. Pete
Three Boxes by Joseph Walsh
More Than Just a Political Slogan by Robin L. Flanigan

Talking to Each Other

Trump Is Our Fault, Too by Steven Lewis

Special Feature

Do Poems Need to Be Accessible? by Neil de la Flor

Genre Borders

30-Year Drought by Abigail Uhrick
To the Curly-Haired Barista by Megan LeAnne

Personal Stories

Telling the Truth About the Modocs by Robert Aquinas McNally

Why I Write


Mad Libs: Deep State by Susan Terris
Driving Lessons by Nausheen Eusuf
Lawrence Welk by Giavanna Munafo


Beacons by Julie Wittes Schlack


Author Talk: Julie Wittes Schlack by Elizabeth McShane


Murder on the Ghost Train by John Peacock

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