Fall 2014: Money!


"Entrepreneurs Under the Water 2" © Aurora Chisté


Where Have All the Dollars Gone?

Lying sleepless in my sister’s old bed in her room and staring at the dark ceiling, I quickly realized how far I’d fallen. In the scheme of things, what’s one more writer falling from the sky and landing where there’s food and shelter? Still, living in New York City had become part of my identity. I felt exiled from the better part of myself, wondering where I went wrong.

—“Money Is Random”

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First Person

The Trouble with Being an Entrepreneur by Martha Nichols

Theme for this Issue

Money Is Random by Steve Adams

What If You’re Not Shakespeare or Jay-Z? by John Vogel

What Writers Say About Getting Paid by Frits Ahlefeldt and Various Authors

I’m a Blogger—Deal with It by Bianca Garcia

Rich Writers vs. the Critics—and Me by Anna Coppola


Flight Plan by Katie Cortese

Trends and Reviews

"Women and Power" in the NYT Book Review by Lorraine Berry and Martha Nichols

Happy Twentieth Birthday, "Bird by Bird" by Kathy Curto


Three Money Lessons for Starry-Eyed Authors by David Biddle

Would I Write “The Godfather” for Money? by Emily Toth

TW Reading Series

Hadestown by Kim Triedman

A Guy in a Metal Suicide-Box by William Least Heat-Moon

Why I Write

No Matter What It Takes by Terry Persun


Caitlin Moran: “You Just Can’t Argue with Cool” by Lorraine Berry

Personal Stories

So, Is Writing Therapy? by Elizabeth Marcus

Gillian Flynn Helped Me Survive My First Election by Fran Cronin


Susan Nisenbaum Becker: Three Poems by Susan Nisenbaum Becker


Entrepreneurs Under the Water by Aurora Chisté



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Featured Artist: Aurora Chisté

  • Fall 2014 cover
  • "The Trouble with Being an Entrepreneur"
  • "Entrepreneurs Under the Water" (image essay)

"I-Gone" © Frits Ahlefeldt; hikingartist.com

Featured Artist: Frits Ahlefeldt

  • "What Writers Say About Getting Paid" (cartoon feature)