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Rupert Murdoch, Fox News [with contributor Julian Assange], the evidence of fake archives of his newspapers published & the damage done Murdoch's news media has featured fake news from the very beginning. His first newspapers - Adelaide [city] South Australia [SA state a Murdoch newspaper publishing monopoly state for more than 50 years - caused great damage & have fake archives of newspapers published that conceal crimes & corruption some details of some of which can be viewed at that includes media releases of Australia's financial reporting law enforcement authority [ASC since renamed ASIC] the newspaper articles reporting of which have been erased from publicly accessible records sold as genuine archives by Australian public libraries & British Libraries UK London. Ask Rupert [what does he know?] about the fake archives of his newspapers & the crimes they conceal. Murdoch betrays the people who gave him the start of his media empire. The US FBI should investigate US citizen Murdoch's corruption of foreign governments & law enforcement, but would first need to get over their fear of being discredited by a Fox News smear campaign. "Newspapering is all about the past." -- “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” - Roger Bates on Dear Rupert Murdoch (and Mark Zuckerberg) on 4/24/17 @ 3:22



Kevin, this poem is the best thing I've read all month. When I was in eighth grade in 1964, before they discovered mercury was toxic and shouldn't be messed with, my science teacher allowed us students to spill drops of mercury out on a piece of paper and watch them roll around until they joined together into one blob. Liquid metal. Cohesive as all get-out. Fascinating stuff. We used to shine quarters with it, even. Your poem made me think of these things, and also about when my artsy friends and I would flee Daly City and ride the Muni into San Francisco to listen to hippie poets read their words on foggy street corners. Your poem is a keeper. I've printed it out so that I can be inspired by it over and over again. Thank you. - Paula L. Silici on Mercury on 4/10/17 @ 4:17



Thanks Ray, and I agree about The Road. Depressing, sure, but also among the most stunningly beautiful novels I've ever read. Happy reading! - Tim Weed on Eight Novels to Prepare You for the End of Civilization on 3/29/17 @ 2:30



Some great sounding reads there. Think I may start with Watership Down, the Dog Stars and Station Eleve n. Spot on analysis of The Road, I read it and was depressed for weeks, it really got under my skin. Thanks - Ray on Eight Novels to Prepare You for the End of Civilization on 3/28/17 @ 5:29



So glad, Julie! You can't go wrong with The Dog Stars. - Tim Weed on Eight Novels to Prepare You for the End of Civilization on 3/26/17 @ 7:25



What a great list, Tim. I've only read half of them, but those four are among my all-time favorites! I look forward to tackling the others..."Dog Stars" next, I think. Thanks! - Julie Reiff on Eight Novels to Prepare You for the End of Civilization on 3/25/17 @ 3:35



Good to hear from you, David--and many thanks for that excellent list! Two years is about one year and eleven months too long to respond to any piece of writing, but I would have pretty much shrugged it off had the editors just had enough character to sign their names. - Steve Lewis on Dear Literary Editor—and Writer on 3/23/17 @ 7:43



Yup. That's a killer Steve. Although, it's more insane to send you that card than to just remain a zero in your endeavors. I was thinking about all of this when I found the following earlier this week: "Fifteen Literary Journals that Respond within a Month" Some ask for exclusives, some don't. But at least these 15 get least on paper. - David Biddle on Dear Literary Editor—and Writer on 3/23/17 @ 6:29



Just a follow up ... five months later: Today I received a rejection from the Vestal Review regarding a microfiction piece (268 words) that I submitted two years and one month ago. The note (not signed by a human being): "Though your manuscript does not suit our current needs, we wish you the best of luck placing it elsewhere. Sorry for holding it so long." That's what I'm talking about. - Steve Lewis on Dear Literary Editor—and Writer on 3/23/17 @ 2:30



Mind blowing. Heart rending - Kevin McCarthy on Irreconcilable Differences on 3/15/17 @ 10:08